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Bulk Transport Management

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Clear Blue Technologies

Clear Blue Technologies utilize the latest technologies to provide a logistics reporting and optimization tools that enables faster decision making, better planning, better turnaround and protection.


  • Boost operational efficiency by providing a single point of control for all weighbridge transactions
  • Increase operational speed by reducing weighing cycle times
  • Improve productivity through auto tare facility
  • Enhance operational efficiency through real time paperless system
  • Minimise lost revenue through automated data capture
  • Reduce administration costs and human error

The system automatically captures the vehicle’s registration number, company name type and weight. This minimizes the losses due to human input and interference and the system can operate completely without any manual operation.

A comprehensive tare facility is provided to ensure accurate job weights without manual correction. Industrial camera’s can be incorporated into the system providing full visibility across the operations. Data is collected from various sources and using custom methodologies surrounding the mobile solution, RFID and integration into various customer systems (i.e. Weighbridges) to provide a complete real-time reporting dashboards and data.

With a combination of RFID Tags & readers as well as mobile terminals we gain Real-Time Accurate visibility on the movement of vehicles and loads, both inbound and out-bound at all access point weighbridges.

Data collection is automatically done in real-time and consolidation with GPS data as well as custom mobile applications and most importantly, Weighbridge data. The system can be designed to operate without any human intervention, depending on the type of weighbridge, providing a fool-proof, accurate data collection system.

Optional Tracking

  • Portal Tracking with Google Maps and Google Earth (Optional)
  • Module allows for visual Asset tracking
  • Hotspots dynamically defined through the system and email/sms alerts.
  • Find drivers close to hotspot.
  • Locations of load/drop-off areas.
  • Location, Heading and Speed of Trucks in easy to use online web portal.
  • Speeding alerts can be configured (if not provided by existing tracking systems)
  • Routes travelled.
  • Filter data by driver, truck or by date / date range.

Reporting (dependent on integration and deployed solutions)

    Real-Time Productivity Reports:
  • Trip Report & Counters
  • Tons Per Hour
  • Tons per day (or range)
  • KMs Traveled & number of Trips
  • Trucks Status (Loading / Offloading)
  • Time from Departure to Arrival or at Weighbridges or Stops
  • Tare / Gross / Net
  • Export (PDF or Excel for further data analytics)

Real-Time Productivity Monitoring:

  • Charts (Vehicle, Driver, Carrier)
  • Allocation
  • Durations
  • Net Mass
  • Efficiency

Charts and Counters by date periods

  • Tons per day over time
  • Loads per day over time
  • Days active/worked
  • Averages over time

Management Features

  • Add/Edit /Manage Online
  • Vehicles ,Drivers, Users
  • Checkpoints
  • Setup Notifications

Optional Integration

  • ERP / Accounting System
  • Existing GPS Tracking System


  • Full Unattended / Unmanned System
  • Automated Data Collection throughout processes
  • Added Security via Real-Time Video Feeds
  • Utilizes Robust Technologies
  • 100% Data Accuracy
  • Real-Time Data Feeds, Warnings & Exceptions
  • Fully Integration between Data Collection
  • Optional Integration to ERP & Accounting


  • Removes the “Human Element”
  • Boost efficiency, single control point for all transactions
  • Increase SPEED by reducing weighing cycle times
  • Improve productivity through auto tare facility
  • Enhance efficiency with real time paperless system
  • Minimise lost revenue with auto data capture
  • Reduce Management & administration costs
  • Independent Live Monitoring

Supportive Products

  • Biometric Fuel Load System
  • Biometric Worker ID verification Solution
  • On-Board Camera
  • On Board Tire Pressure Monitor
Clear Blue Technologies

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