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PaQ-IT ver. 10

Clear Blue Technologies' PaQ-IT Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) optimizes efficiency in warehousing and supply-chain environments through the use of wireless point-of-activity terminals and scanners managed by PaQ-IT's intelligent platform.

PaQ-IT provides mobile management and control of all assets within the warehouse, with full track and trace of serial numbers, pallets, roll-cages and containers, detailing operator, time, location and business specific information.

The solution also provides comprehensive batch verification, pallet scanning, quantity cross-checks, EAN and UPC validation and location checks to achieve 100% accuracy of every warehouse transaction – from the initial goods receipt and put-away of stock to the inspection, cycle count, pick, pack and ship of customer orders.

The new generation PaQ-IT Warehouse Management System delivers cross-industry and vertical warehouse optimization which can be customized if required, the KEY OPERATIONAL BENEFITS are:

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The visible productivity gains of fully optimised business processes, point-of-activity data capture and intelligent back-end system interfacing mean that PaQ-IT more than pays for itself.

Our team has considerable experience in the application of software products in the logistics, retail and manufacturing industries. The WMS is currently running at several sites ranging from 3,000 palette positions to 20 000 palette positions. We have gained valuable experience through in-depth involvement with many industry frontrunners and some of the top logistics experts across the verticals.

Easy to Use, designed specifically to serve the ever changing business needs, our WMS provides the same benefits as much larger and more expensive software systems but remains much easier to use, requiring little training.

Ready to Use…….Fast Deployment…. Days instead of months…

First Built version in 2003 and enhanced throughout the years PaQ-IT caters for most verticals, from Pharmaceuticals to Fresh Produce, FMCG to 3PL, the integrated functionalities will streamline your operational processes and provide full visibility and control in your ware houses and deliveries.

Mobile Terminals

The solution caters for the use of Wi-Fi & GSM based Mobile Terminals both inside the warehouse and in the field. DAP, Intermec, Motorola and other devices have been tested and used across the customer base. Standard desktop PC’s with cabled or Bluetooth scanners can be used & automated label printing utilizing fixed and mobile printers have been incorporated and can be turned on or off depending on Item detail.

Budget limitations? No problem… All warehousing modules accommodate both manual as well as barcode processing. Also, our affordable OPEX model makes it easier to invest

Whether you need to use 1D, 2D or even RFID, PaQ-IT caters for all your needs!

  • Manufacturing & FMCG
  • Government, Utilities, Military, Police & Prison Services
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Distribution & Transport (3PL)

Fully Integrated to your ERP, Rich in Functionality, we have the capability to transform your warehouse operation into a world class operation. These are:


Fully Supported by a team of dedicated engineers we offer SLA from basic to 24/7 365 per year in addition to our inclusive support structure.

In Addition, we offer various support contracts, in order to provide the level of support the customer requires. The support agreements are split into hardware and software agreements. Typical Software SLA consists of:

  1. Level 1 Support:
    • Trained support engineers available to log calls and provide customer with standard operating procedures to rectify issues.
  2. Level 2 Support:
    • Trained software engineers and consultants available to provide remote diagnosis and the implementation of work-around, where applicable.
    • Second level support staff will have a technical and in depth operational understanding of PaQ-IT software solutions.
  3. Level 3 Support:
    • Trained senior software and systems engineers available to implement code changes and complex “work-around” to the PaQ-IT software solution, as required.
  4. Set up and installation of upgrades to the PaQ-IT software solution.
  5. On-site support at the location in the event that telephone support does not resolve the problem. Outside the Gauteng region, travel and accommodation expense is for the customer’s account.
  6. A 24-hour call out facility may be included in this plan as an optional extra. Charges for the 24-hour facility will be shown separately.

There may be exclusions, however these will be finalised on the agreement of a contract.


Pricing is based on the complexity of the warehouse & logistics requirements; however, the PaQ-IT Warehouse Management System price is based on a Site License and NOT user license… So you only pay once for each site with Unlimited Warehouse Operators, saving you a fortune in Software Licensing on your ERP!

As we own the source code and the product have been developed in-house, we have the luxury to offer far below industry standard prices, comparatively up 50% below average!

Field Operators (Delivery, Van Sales) pricing is based on a per user bases due to licensing outside our control

We offer both CAPEX and OPEX commercial models and can thus structure the investment in order to optimize your savings and improve your bottom line!

Tangible Costs, Real Savings

Improving the bottom line, your SCM can be an asset! The PaQ-IT WMS can provide an organization with tangible benefits that quickly and dramatically improve warehouse operations and increase material management efficiencies without adding headcount. By implementing PaQ-IT, organisations achieve a number of significant, benefits that IMPROVE YOUR ROI as follows:

Inventory Reduction Up to 10% once-off saving in Inventory due to improved Accuracy & Visibility
Reduced Storage Costs Up to 35% (industry average) saving in storage costs due to improved space utilization & Lower inventory levels.
Reduced Inventory Investment Reduced Inventory Levels (based on vlaue) of 8% due to Accuracy & Ideal product mix based on movement data limiting over / under stocked
Reduction in Shipping Costs Substantial Savings in shipping due to reduced shipping errors, increased load volumes, vehicle utilization & Electronic POD update to ERP
Warehouse Staff handling paperwork Reduced headcount & resource redeployment as PaQ-IT WMS automates the management of order and priorities, eliminating paper.
Warehouse Staff handling inventory Reduced headcount & resource redeployment as PaQ-IT RF based (mobile) picking productivity increases efficienciest
Back Office Staff handling paperwork Reduced headcount & resource redeployment as PaQ-IT limits paper work for shipping documents, POD's and ERP ship confirmations
Improved Customer Service Increased Customer Satisfaction due to Improved Warehouse Efficiencies and Delivery Control
Increased Production Faster, accurate picks, decrease in personnel movement in warehouse due to placement of fast moving inventory & RF terminals
Customer Penalty Compliance Ability to Prioritize Picks according to SLA delivery rules, Compliance to Customer EDI programs and Support for value-added customer programs

Total Savings: Warehouse Dependent

The savings in headcount are based on the average productivity rate as well as warehouse structure / cost per person per year.

Total tangible savings costs can range from $400K to over a million dollars in the first year depending on warehouse size and movement volumes. The ROI net result translates into a complete payback for the PaQ-IT Solution within the first year

So, you need a world class warehouse management system?

A complete logistics cycle management system that incorporates all the functions you need, guaranteed to improve your Supply Chain Capabilities?

Look no further, invest in PaQ-IT and enjoy the benefits!


Example Client Implementations:

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