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The world’s most Powerful Mobile Delivery Solution

More than 70,000 mobile workers using our solutions worldwide Over 3,000,000 deliveries and service visits managed each day 10 Million Transactions processed per day


Most companies invest considerably in tracking and controlling delivery of goods along the entire length of their supply chain. In delivery to the customer’s site or front-door, an investment in Blackbay’s Delivery Connect delivers the same level of quality, real-time control and operational visibility to the ‘final mile’.

In a logistics environment, whether delivering Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), there is nothing more critical to success than the point of delivery. It is here where a well-equipped and enabled delivery driver, arriving on schedule with the correct consignment, embodies unequalled service, efficiency and value.

When a customer places an order they may have just two points of contact with their supplier – when they place the order (perhaps an automated or telephone interaction) and again when the delivery driver arrives on-site or at their front door. The delivery driver is a significant point of interaction – indeed the only point of human interaction in many cases.

A driver fully supported by Delivery Connect will be able to execute the delivery transaction with professionalism and efficiency.


Delivery Connect will be able to execute the delivery transaction with professionalism and efficiency. The cost savings inherent in being able to correct errors as they occur ‘at source’ can be significant. When an error does occur, costs can increase exponentially. The longer an error persists, the more expensive it becomes to correct it and problems can escalate even more aggressively where goods are perishable or have a short shelf-life. Recent UK statistics show that just over 12% of home deliveries cost the e-retail industry’s stakeholders (consumers, retailers and carriers) as much as £1 billion per annum.

Using Delivery Connect to get deliveries right first time, every time, offers a cascade of benefits. Drivers scan, check or validate goods as they are loaded and can fix any mistakes on-the-spot. Faster, more efficient delivery processes result and improve stock cycles, driving supply chain responsiveness.

To correct a mistake before a delivery truck leaves the depot costs virtually nothing. However, at the point of delivery, the penalty can be more significant - the loss of wrongly delivered goods, a subsequent re-delivery, the handling of a customer complaint, a compensatory credit, loss of trust, penalties for not meeting service levels and ultimately, the loss of dissatisfied customers.

The ability to issue a correct invoice, perhaps within moments of ePOD signature minimises delays and invoice queries, driving improvements in the order-to-cash cycle. Satisfied customers meet payment deadlines and generate repeat business at a lower average cost-per-sale.

Courier / Express Services

Enterprise mobility solutions track individual parcels through every part of the collection and delivery process. The data captured can be communicated in real-time to the e-retailer, the delivery company and, most importantly, the consumer.

The statistics from recent research by Blackbay, IMRG and Snow Valley shows that only 57% of e-retailers gave their customers access to their delivery company's tracking information. A further 95% of retailers did not provide any kind of pre-delivery text alert to customers giving an expected time delivery slot.

Successful organisations understand that the customer experience does not simply stop at offering the best price or cheapest delivery options; it requires high quality end-to-end customer service right through to the doorstep experience, particularly if the driver is the only personal contact with the customer.

3PL & Transport

Logistics companies face many challenges. An increasingly global market is forcing the commoditisation of core logistics functions whilst demand for mass customisation is growing.

Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex whilst new competitors enter the market and existing competitors up their game.

The effectiveness of a mobile worker can be improved many times over with accurate, timely and relevant information. The collection and provision of such information, via a mobile device and real-time connected software application, becomes the central platform upon which new value-adding, up-selling and performance measuring service improvements can be built.

Blackbay, through its state-of-the-art mobile application Delivery Connect, has been providing effective mobile worker solutions specifically for logistics companies for many years. Delivery Connect empowers operations, and releases the full potential of arguably the most important workers in the logistics operation; the mobile worker.

Postal Services

Delivery Connect solution enables organisations to maximise performance, reduce handling and operational costs, and adapt swiftly to changing market demands.

Leading parcel collection and delivery providers such as Royal Mail, Australia Post and New Zealand Post have realised benefits from integrating Delivery Connect into their business, including:

  • Removing the documentation paper trail
  • Reducing travel time/distances using integrated satellite navigation
  • Reducing communication costs
  • Improving lone worker security
  • Improving mail network planning with near real-time information and activity time-stamps
  • Reduction in costs for handling customer queries
  • Improvement in service and customer satisfaction
  • Ability to record asset condition in the field
  • Highly Configurable Solution: Delivery Connect is a configurable package and it is very likely that a feature you require has already been implemented and is able to be configured into the base product.
  • Real-Time Job Dispatch: Using either the Delivery Connect dispatch system or your own enterprise system you are able to send jobs to users in the field and monitor when the jobs are accepted and actioned in real-time.
  • Time Dependant Delivery: Allows control of time and date of specific item deliveries according to Service Level Agreements or customer specific requests
  • Proof of Delivery: Provides a time stamp and signatures for both pick up and delivery if required. PDA application requires user validation via logon – so proof of delivery (POD) is tracked against driver, vehicle and route.
  • Reverse Logistics: Enables specific tracking of items that has been sent as dispatched jobs or ad-hoc collections to be collected and returned to the customer within specific time-farms
  • Bar Code and RFID Scanning: This includes scanning the items or the consignment, scanning the location ID if available, and scanning the driver ID at log on.
  • Image Capture: Image capture on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices as part of a Delivery Connect job, with images automatically transferred back to the server over the wireless connection.
  • Document Scanning: A3 and A4 with multiple page capabilities allows for in-filed processing with OCR processing optional.
  • GPS & Navigation: Delivery Connect includes an optional navigation component to provide mobile users with GPS based navigation to the job location. It also provides head office with visibility of their fleet in real-time making it easier to dispatch new jobs and improve analysis of routes and workloads.
  • Pre-Run Survey: Delivery Connect can be configured so that it requires a driver to perform a simple pre and/or post run survey.
  • Phone Integration: Integrated phone dialling functions within the application to ensure phone is controlled and customer details remain secure.
  • Text Messaging: Delivery Connect includes text messaging enabling quick and cost effective communication between mobile users and the depot.
  • Time Sheets: Enables Management and driver performance
  • Reporting: KPI’s along with full management reports and dashboards


The solutions are built on a single mobility platform, based on a loosely-coupled architecture, comprising functional modules that have been proven in multiple customer deployments and up to a very large scale.

The Scale-up Mobility (SuMo) communications architecture is at the core of this platform and controls all aspects of the data movement between the back office and the scanners in the field. This architecture offers the most reliable connectivity, supporting both online and offline operations, minimising data packet overhead and taking advantage of ‘least cost’ routing to reduce overall data costs on both WAP and Wi-Fi networks.

Blackbay’s software and communications technology is proven, highly reliable and easy to use in very large deployments, whilst offering a level of reliability and availability at a scale that is unmatched in the marketplace.


The Blackbay Solution consists of over 60 core and business modules with many embedded business functions. These modules allow customers to construct solutions that support their differing requirements and also to take advantage of innovative features provided by Blackbay.

Minimal customisation is required, reducing cost, improving reliability and delivering fast time-to-market.

The mobility solutions provide comprehensive and practical functionality, able to integrate fully with existing information and communication systems. The result is cost-effective solutions that solve real-world business problems.

Offering significant return on investment based upon reduced costs, increased sales and improved productivity and service levels, our solutions are fully developed for handheld intelligent devices and integrate to legacy back-end systems.

The mobility solutions offer optimum mobile worker solutions for delivery and service productivity, freeing you to focus on business-critical operations – earning revenue and gaining competitive advantage.

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