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Sales Force Automation

  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Pre-Sell
  • Route Accounting
  • Stock Counts
  • Merchandising
mobile SFA

With near real-time access to critical business information at their fingertips, sales people are empowered to significantly increase their sales effectiveness. Whether you operate in a Pre-Sale, DSD or Hybrid model, our SFA Mobile Software can help you uncover hidden opportunities for increased revenues, decreased costs and stronger customer services.. Access to this data enables reps in the field to add additional sales per stop through up-selling, cross-selling or offering time sensitive promotions to customers.

mobile SFA

Our SFA is the ideal solution for Mobile Order Taking, Delivery Confirmation, Route Accounting, Trade Show Sales, Direct Store Delivery and Mobile Surveys. The Mobile Sales integrates important sales features including order processing, direct store delivery, payment processing, , Van Sales, invoice management and settlement capabilities which provides your mobile workforce with the functionality needed to streamline daily activities and improve customer satisfaction.

We can keep your sales force connected and allow them to meet with customers and conduct business, anytime and anywhere. The solution reduces time spent in the office on administrative tasks and increases the quantity and quality of contacts with your customers. Furthermore we provide management with real-time insight into what is really happening in the field.

mobile SFA

The real power in jLAN Mobile is its ability to leverage data that resides in the back office system out to the PDA. For example, whenever there is a price change, or a new customer is added in the ERP system those new bits of information are seamlessly downloaded to the PDA. Imagine the benefits of automatically distributing fresh data to mobile sale reps, all day every day.

FSA Mobile Benefits

mobile SFA
  • Eliminate paperwork, order processing time, and reduce human error through automation
  • Comprehensive Route Accounting Software system features improve customer service
  • Reduce order processing times
  • Improve productivity by adding additional stops per route or increasing sales revenue per stop
  • Improve customer service with real-time access to customer information and purchasing history
  • Manage customer visits more efficiently
  • Bank Deposit functionality increases your cash flow
  • Efficiently create new orders with tools including bar code technology, item templates, item catalogues, advance searches and more
  • Route settlement capabilities help identify inventory or cash discrepancies
  • Capture signatures for delivery confirmations
  • Increase cash flow and process payments on site
  • Easily communicate messages, pricing and promotions enterprise-wide
  • View product images and specification sheets on your mobile device to improve upsell conversion opportunities
  • Real-time visibility to inventory and assets at the truck and enterprise level reduces inventory shrinkage
  • Fully Integrated to your ERP

Increase Sales

  • Consultative selling with customers' complete buying history at your finger tips
  • Provide up-to-date pricing and quantity break pricing
  • Provides full bar code support including multiple bar codes per item
  • Provide product quantity on hand and purchasing information
  • Sell by customer part number
  • Give customer full and accurate view of AR information
  • Eliminate order entry errors and disputes
  • Manage shelf space more accurately
  • Cross-sell suggest, add complimentary items to orders
  • Manage a complex array of customer specific pricing and discounts
  • Provide up-to-date pricing and promotional information
  • Give customer full and accurate view of AR information
  • Add new products and promotions quickly and easily
  • Identify popular selling sku's/products customers should be selling

Reduce Cost

  • Sell smarter with customer purchase history
  • View items by customer specific item templates
  • View items by product categories
  • Leave printed order confirmations at customer site
  • Eliminate customer downtime by delivering the right quantity of parts at the right time
  • Use SFA Mobile surveys to create check lists
  • Create new orders rapidly with bar code scanning
  • Create site to site transfer orders
  • Optimize routes and visit intervals View items by product categories
  • View product images to increase sales and confirm correct item
  • Add new customers on the spot
  • Analyze costs for labor and vehicle maintenance
  • Effectively manage products with expiration dates

Improve Operations

  • Survey customer to gather information from shop managers
  • Signature capture and product image retrieval
  • Track skipped customer visits and reschedule
  • Track lot attributes production and expiration dates
  • Capture in-shop survey data to improve customer service
  • Generate daily sales reports
  • Signature verification and product images
  • Real-time visibility to inventory and assets at the truck and enterprise level
  • Signature retrieval on ERP
  • Create future orders
  • Generate daily route activity reports
  • Flexible promotion structures including automatic start/end dates and price setting
  • Eliminate paperwork, order processing times and reduce human error through automation
  • Fast, complete end-of-day settlement process
  • Detailed business reporting including daily route activity reports
  • Communicate new products and promotions to mobile workforce in the field
  • Simplify delivery preparations
  • Manage accounts receivable activities including collections and deposits
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