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There is absolutely no doubt that Mobile Technology Solutions provide customers across the board with substantial benefits that cannot be ignored. Increased productivity and efficiencies provides opportunity to save costs and responsiveness with real-time access to data boosts customer satisfaction, strengthening customer retention and ultimately sales. Coupled with real, calculable savings, mobility provides excellent Return on Investments.

The variety of available technologies and hardware solutions has made it extremely difficult for customers to clearly decide on a specific hardware platform. Choosing the correct manufacturer is probably more important than the specific devices you select. There are many factors to consider when selecting your mobile computers and printers. Some of these are:

  • TCO – Total Cost of Ownership
  • Finance Options
  • Warranty & Support
  • Product Lifespan vs. Repair costs
  • Supplier Reputation, Maturity and commitment to new technologies and operating systems

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Clear Blue’s commitment to provide only the very best selected products, provided by reputable, stable manufacturers has steered us to commit to specific manufacturers. Certain products fit better in certain environments and others provide best ROI, depended on the operational environment; in conjunction with our technology partners we offer:

  • Standard Long Term Warranties (Up to 2 years)
  • Optional Support Contracts (Up to 5 Years)
  • Full Term Warranties on Batteries & Print Heads
  • In Country Repair Facilities and cross country support
  • Full Remote “Control” and Management options
  • Alternative Operating System - Android™
  • Price Competitiveness combined with several OPEX Finance Options

Our product lines include:


Intermec has foreseen the opportunities – and delivered the resources and products – which have helped transform a whole range of industries, from retail to field service, from warehousing to manufacturing.

For more than 40 years, we have invented technologies and created comprehensive rugged mobile business solutions that have enabled our customers to manage, operate, and monetize their complex businesses in completely new ways.

Companies around the world rely on Intermec technologies and solutions to transform their inventory processes, drive competitive advantage, and meet complex asset management needs. All the right technologies and all the right ideas, brought together for you. With Intermec's industry experts and experience on your side, you'll be ready to implement your supply chain vision with total confidence.


PIDION ~ Empowering Mobility with Android™

You can find Bluebird, among global manufacturers of handheld mobile devices, uniquely positioned to serve customers in both AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) and payment solutions.

From a shop around the corner to the Fortune 500 companies, and from a police officer on the street to a secure government agency, Bluebird has an extensive customer base.

We are proud that our customers rely on our conceptual innovations and experiences built upon our long history. By listening to voice of markets, we are able to deliver rich opportunities for our channel partners and best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and flexible solutions for customers with right products and right services. Our handheld mobile solutions are available through 600 channel partners around the world.

In 2009 Pidion released the World's First Rugged Handheld Computer Integrated with Four Different Types of RF Technology, Pidion BIP-6000 Family. In 2010, Pidion entered into Top10 Global Mobile Computer Manufacturer and in 2011 released World's First Android Handheld Lineup


For more than 30 years, DAP technologies has been committed to understanding the evolving needs of industries that operate in challenging environments. DAP specialize in time-tested, forward thinking hardware solutions customized to meet your needs today and flexible to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

With innovation at the heart of our business, DAP Technologies has remained focused on anticipating our customers’ needs. DAP designs and manufactures a full range of rugged computers, including PDAs, handhelds, tablets and fixed-mount computers for demanding industries and harsh environments.

DAP Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Roper Industries (NYSE: ROP). Roper Industries is a market-driven, diversified growth company and is a component of the Fortune 1000, Standard & Poor’s S & P Mid-Cap 400, and the Russell 1000 Indexes.


PrintekMobile delivers compatible, cost-effective, on-the-go thermal printing solutions across a wide variety of mobile environments, industries, and applications, including distribution, field service, hospitality, medical, public safety, retail, route accounting, transportation, and warehousing.

Since our beginning over 30 years ago, we never lost our focus to design and build high-quality, reliable business printers. From our dot matrix line to our mobile printing products, we offer mission-critical printing solutions for a variety of applications.

Mobile printers for mobile people. All PrintekMobile printers are designed to withstand challenging work environments, and are backed by unparalleled support and comprehensive warranties.

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