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The worlds most Powerful Mobile Solution

More than 70,000 mobile workers using our solutions worldwide Over 3,000,000 deliveries and service visits managed each day 10 Million Transactions processed per day 23% Increase in Service Call Productivity

In a service environment, the quality of the relationship between engineer and customer is the key to success. The service engineer is the ideal person, not only to solve problems and deliver superior customer service, but also to use the visit to look for other sales and service opportunities. Enabling field staff to build relationships and sales in this way is a key value-add for service solutions.

In a recent Aberdeen study, workforce productivity increased, on average, by 23% with the implementation of an enterprise mobility solution. Equipped with Blackbay Service Connect, front line workers are more responsive and have the right information that allows them to efficiently attend jobs, minimise travel time, stay on schedule, enhance job satisfaction and present a high level of service quality to the customer. Service Connect also allows them to work creatively with the customer to develop new service opportunities.

Because Service Connect is easy to use, intuitive and adaptable, Mobile workers’ job satisfaction is raised providing efficiency benefits to their organisation. Staff enjoy the convenience and wide access to the information needed to perform their jobs, as well as a reliable level of comfort and security throughout their working day.

Turn Data into Knowledge

Blackbay Service Connect is built from the ground up to allow the two-way flow of business-critical information between the field engineer and back end enterprise systems. When supplied with accurate, timely data throughout the day through Service Connect, managers are equipped to make informed and proactive decisions in areas such as resource management, work allocation, stock control and customer communications. The ability to measure and analyse all aspects of the service, for example, knowing both how effectively the business is meeting its SLAs and at what cost, enables managers to focus resources on the key areas for improvement.

Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

With Blackbay Service Connect, engineers arrive at service calls fully prepared to resolve problems and to meet or exceed customer expectations. Operators handling inbound service calls know precisely where the closest engineers with the parts and the skills to attend the job are located, and can make accurate appointment commitments based on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to the customer.

Service Connect allows an organisation to ensure that the right engineer, with the right skills arrives at the right time. If there are any issues onsite the engineer has the ability to advise customers when a part will be available or reschedule a time with the customer. With the job complete the engineer can trigger an accurate invoice and even receive payment, all without having to make a phone call or return to the depot.

Customers are able to view information online in regards to the status of their job, knowing when a service engineer will arrive down to the minute. Organisations using mobility have experienced, on average, an 11% increase in first-time fix rates, and a 29% improvement in SLA compliance.

In reactive maintenance, jobs are allocated based on a customer call or an automatic alert from a piece of machinery to agreed SLAs. Here, speed of response is vital, along with the capability to advise the customer accurately of anticipated timescales for a service appointment.

Service Connect enables the service call centre to allocate jobs to mobile workers for days, weeks or even months ahead, sorted by any criteria.

Routine maintenance and facilities management is all about meeting agreed service levels whilst maintaining efficiencies within both the execution of the work and the processes which support work allocation.

Service Connect is known to significantly reduce the cost of performing routine maintenance situations and almost completely eliminate the need for paperwork. Such solutions have been deployed within the housing, fire equipment, water and sewerage reticulation environments.

With Service Connect the call centre to allocate jobs to mobile workers, the job details contain all information necessary to enable workers to perform inspections, make repairs, or if necessary, remove equipment from site.

The Service Connect also enables:

  • Tracking of time and materials
  • Ability to create new jobs in the field
  • Time sheeting
  • Reporting of required SLA's

Key benefits

  • Field task Control: Real-time job dispatch and updates
  • Skill & Service Call Management: Assign jobs based on skill, availability, parts and proximity
  • SLA Management: SLA times – onsite (ONS) and return to operation (RTO)
  • Inventory & Equipment: Manage inventory including parts, tools and equipment
  • Customer Reproting: Real-time customer reporting
  • Job Control: Jobs can be pended or carded
  • Vehicle Management: Odometer recording at logon, logoff and fuel purchases
  • Language: Multiple language support
  • Image Capturing: Photo capture and transmission on WM 5.0 devices

Service Connect’s features are designed to deliver maximum benefit to your organisation – both the business and the field staff. Key features include:

Job Dispatch: Using either the Service Connect dispatch system or your enterprise systems, you are able to send jobs to the field and monitor acceptance or rejection in real time.

XML Configuration: Service Connect’s features, each with inherent functionality, are configured through the generation of an XML fi le that determines the order and behaviour of configurable functions. This enables us to easily change the personality of the application.

Asset Management: The Service Connect solution enables accurate and real-time tracking of recording of parts. Stock management functions include tracking stock to each job, tracking transfer of stock and receipting stock back onto the vehicle.

Action and Event Tracking: Delivering to a service level is now a vital part of almost every contract. Service Connect allows you to track what actions your field staff have carried out, when they were done and the time taken to complete including key SLA’s such as onsite arrival and job completion.

Distance and Fuel Tracking: Both fuel and distance travelled is tracked at log on/log off and when fuel is added during a shift. This enables more accurate monitoring of efficiencies and costs.

New Quotes and Jobs: New jobs can be created and recorded in the field.

Text Messaging: Text messaging capability enables quick and cost effective communication between mobile users and the operations centre

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