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Identification Solutions

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Our unwavering faith in the potential of biometric (fingerprint) technology has led us to develop solutions with its use at their core in the fields of banking security, pensions management, enterprise access, police management and immigration identification control.

We identified the banking, pension, immigration, enterprise access and voter registration sectors as the key fields where this solution adds maximum value – and this prediction has translated into increased profits for our clients in these sectors who have consistently reported favorable Return on Investment in relation to our solutions.

Biometric Identification:

  • Universality – Most wildly used form of biometrics
  • Uniqueness – No two pairs of fingerprints are identical, even between twins
  • Permanence – Can be damage and change due to injuries
  • Collectability – Fingerprints are easy to collect and inexpensive, fingerprint scanners are easy to clean and durable
  • Performance – Fastest and most accurate
  • Acceptability –Most accepted form
  • Circumvention –Live finger detection

Customer Identification

The Bank Bio-Identification Framework is a unique and highly effective bank customer identification system that quickly and accurately identifies and verifies customers, virtually eliminating customer identity fraud across industries using innovative fingerprint biometric identification. Utilizing BankCore not only speeds up transactions, but also improves overall customer satisfaction.

The Pension industry requires improved methods of identifying pensioners and ensure that there are no multiple or ghost pensioners in the pension system. PensionCore captures a pensioner's details, photo and fingerprints for easy identification and the information is then uploaded offline and consolidated on a central system for easy reporting.

Our Pensioner Management Solution enables the secure distribution of pensions and benefits on a mobile basis, while our Citizen Identification Solutions are designed for use in government departments, Defence Forces and Justice Systems.

EmployeeCore uses cutting edge technology that integrates fingerprint recognition to track employees. Because each person’s fingerprint is unique, every employee must be physically present when registering and verifying their details on the system. Combined with a powerful payroll system it can instantly produce employee related analytical reports with extreme ease and accuracy.

IT Security

Successful I.T Security Management ensures the security of an organization's data, assets and intellectual property.

Biometric (fingerprint) authentication solutions offer the highest level of security in comparison to other systems, due to the impossibility of duplicating, stealing or forging a fingerprint.

Fingerprint data is catalogued ensuring that only the bearer of that fingerprint is granted access to the relevant asset. This authentication is done by rapidly searching for, and verifying the person, ensuring a greater level of compliance.

Our products have been very successful across the African territories and as we are continually improving on our capabilities, we are currently in the process of consolidating our Biometric Identification Solutions and request that you contact us for your specific requirements.

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