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You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure - You Cannot Measure What You Cannot Identify

If you can’t measure it, you can't manage it.

What is equally important, is to identify the object or process to be measured and managed. This rule similarly applies to people, goods, activities and tasks related to individuals and groups.

Lack of visibility and transparency, through the use of manual system, in virtually all cases cause loss of profits and complicated manual systems becomes a nightmare to manage.

Problems to ensure integrity and information authenticity through lack of a systems, cause unnecessary movement of paper, potential loss of profits, lack of real-time activity based data & measurement tools are the major causes that limit management capabilities.

Where Knowledge Is Wealth

Our solutions are based on 4 fundamentals: Identify, Manage, Improve & Monitor

Clear Blue Solutions

Identify: People, Goods & Services

Identify Staff, Customers (Banks) and members (Health Insurance, Pension Funds)
Identify Goods (Warehouse Stock, Assets)
Identify Services (Field Services & Support)
Identify Tasks & Actions (Merchandising, Promotion)


Manage: (SCM & ID Solutions)

Implement Performance Improvement Solutions:
Biometric People Identity (Enrolment & Management)
Transactional Management (SFA, Merchandising)
Activities Management (Field Service Management)
Supply Chain Management (Warehouse, Field Logistics)



Utilizing Implemented Solution and Intelligent Reporting (data mining)
to improve processes and increase productivity, enhancing savings



Continuously monitor processes through provision of reports, real-time exceptions and warnings, identify weak areas, savings opportunities and additional areas for improvement.

Clear Blue Technologies provide a suite of collaborative, best-of-breed supply chain solutions that help small, medium and large enterprises to realize substantial improvement in productivity and bottom-line results in record time.

We provide improved capabilities to enhance your supply chain operations. From world class warehouse management through to real-time logistics track & trace capabilities . . . you'll have the systems in place to achieve supply chain visibility to give you the competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Management Hardware
Mobile: In-Premise Rugged Mobile Computers
Transport & Logistics Holistic Warehouse Management In-Premise Mobile Computers
Merchandising Rural Warehouse Management Bar-Code Scanners
Weighbridge Management Logistics Outsourcing Mobile Printers
Mobile Field Services RFID Solutions RFID Equipment
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